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Forty Days
This is a woman's firsthand account of a Sufi halvet, a forty-day retreat conducted in complete isolation, along with strict fasting from sunrise to sundown. Voluntarily confined to a sparsely furnished room amid the bustle...


Sufi Book of Spiritual Ascent (Al-Risala Al-Qushayriya)


Mysticism and Philosophy in al-Andalus : Ibn Masarra, Ibn al-ʿArabi and the Ismaʿili Tradition
Muslim Spain gave rise to two unusual figures in the mystical tradition of Islam: Ibn Masarra (269/883-319/931) and Ibn al-Ê¿Arabi (560/1165-638/1240). Representing, respectively, the beginning and the pinnacle of Islamic...


The Garden of Truth : The Vision and Promise of Sufism, Islam's Mystical Tradition
The headlines are filled with the politics of Islam, but there is another side to the world's fastest-growing religion. Sufism is the poetry and mysticism of Islam. This mystical movement from the early ninth century...


Demonizing the Queen of Sheba : Boundaries of Gender and Culture in Postbiblical Judaism and Medieval Islam
Over the centuries, Jewish and Muslim writers transformed the biblical Queen of Sheba from a clever, politically astute sovereign to a demonic force threatening the boundaries of gender. In this book, Jacob Lassner shows how...


A Reader on Classical Islam
To enable the reader to shape, or perhaps reshape, an understanding of the Islamic tradition, F. E. Peters skillfully combines extensive passages from Islamic texts with a fascinating commentary of his own. In so doing, he...


Islam : Its Prophet, Peoples, Politics, and Power
This book is essential reading for anyone who desires a complete, balanced view of Islam beyond what appears on the nightly news, Written from a western Christian viewpoint, but with a detailed first-hand knowledge of Muslim...


What is Sufism?
Martin Lings provides an excellent and authoritative introduction to the mystical movement of the Sufis based on his lifelong interest in Islamic culture. His explanation derives from a profound understanding of Sufism, and...


Al-Ghazzali Recitation of the Quran
Al-Ghazzali says everyone should interpret the Quran according to his or her own understanding.


The Seven Days of the Heart : Prayers for the Nights and Days of the Week
Ibn 'Arabi (1165-1240) has long been known as a great spiritual master. His many works of prose and poetry are beginning to be more accessible in translation in Western languages. They possess the remarkable quality of...


Islamic Commercial Law : Contemporariness, Normativeness and Competence
Islamic Commercial Law: Contemporariness, Normativeness and Competence offers new perspectives on why for centuries Islamic commercial law has been perceived as arbitrary and unpredictable, and on its evolution to a...


Islam without Extremes : A Muslim Case for Liberty
From furious reactions to the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad to the suppression of women, news from the Muslim world begs the question: is Islam incompatible with freedom? With an eye sympathetic to Western liberalism and Islamic...


The Qur'an : Modern Muslim Interpretations
The Qur'an: Modern Muslim Interpretations offers a lucid guide to how Muslims have read the Qur'an in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Massimo Campanini explores early approaches to the understanding of the...


Sharh Al-Waraqat : Al-Mahalli's Notes on Imam Al-Juwayni's Islamic Jurisprudence Pamphlet
Islamic jurisprudence concerns the knowledge and skills required of Muslim jurists and the etiquette they are expected to observe. These requirements and etiquette set standards for an answer being sound and acceptable to...


Challenges in Economic and Financial Policy Formulation : An Islamic Perspective
Challenges in Economic and Financial Policy Formulation provides an introductory, yet comprehensive, treatment of macroeconomic policies and their implementation in an Islamic-designed economic system.


Contesting Feminisms : Gender and Islam in Asia
Contesting Feminisms explores how Asian Muslim women make decisions on appropriating Islam and Islamic lifestyles through their own participation in the faith. The contributors highlight the fact that secularism has provided the...


Defining Islam : A Reader
Ever since a group of people came into existence who called themselves Muslims and followed Islam, questions of what it means to be a member of this group - who is to be included/excluded and what the requirements for membership...


Defining Islam : A Reader
Ever since a group of people came into existence who called themselves Muslims and followed Islam, questions of what it means to be a member of this group - who is to be included/excluded and what the requirements for membership...


Liberating the Soul : A Guide for Spiritual Growth, Volume Five
A Guide to Spiritual Growth: In the struggle to approach modernity's challenges with spiritual resolve, here is a refreshing work based on classical Eastern teachings. Embraced and revered heads of state and common citizens...


State Law as Islamic Law in Modern Egypt : The Incorporation of the <i>Shariʿa</i> into Egyptian Constitutional Law
This volume explores the decision by the government of Egypt in the 1970s to constitutionalize Islamic shariʿa and discusses its impact on Egypt's constitutional jurisprudence. The author, who is trained in Islamic...


Discourses of Rumi
Reprint of the 1961 classic study of the discourses of the founder of the order of Whirling Dervishes.


The Qur'an : A Historical-Critical Introduction
The Qur'an represents both Islam's historical point of origin and its scriptural foundation, inaugurating a new religion and, ultimately, a new civilisation. Yet the text itself can be difficult to understand, and the...


An Islam of Her Own : Reconsidering Religion and Secularism in Women's Islamic Movements
As the world grapples with issues of religious fanaticism, extremist politics, and rampant violence that seek justification in either "religious" or "secular" discourses, women who claim Islam as a vehicle...


Uthman Ibn Affan
This book brings to life the great caliph Uthman, the embodiment of the tenets of Islam and an inspiration and example for all Muslims today. He was described by the beloved Prophet as the most generous, the most magnanimous,...


The Anthropology of Islam
An increasing number of people have questions about Islam and Muslims. But how can we approach and study Islam after September 11th? Which is the best methodology to understand an Islam that is changing in a globalized world?...


The Circle of Love
The journey of the mystic is to retrace the circle of love within the heart and so experience the oneness that is hidden within us.


The Hadj: an American's Pilgrimage to Mecca
The hadj, or sacred journey, is the pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims are enjoined to make once in their lifetimes. Its purpose is to detach human beings from their homelands and, by bringing them to Mecca, temporarily...


The Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Islamic Banking : A Comparative Look at the United Kingdom and Malaysia
During the last ten years the Islamic banking sector has grown rapidly, at an international level, as well as in individual jurisdictions including the UK. Islamic finance differs quite substantially from conventional banking,...


Encyclopedia of Hadith Forgeries: al-Asrar al-Marfu'a fil-Akhbar al-Mawdu'a : Sayings Misattributed to the Prophet Muhammad
The Lifting of Secrets Concerning Forged Reports was written over four hundred years ago by a respected and prolific Meccan savant of Afghan origin. Mulla ?Ali al-Qari (d. 1014/1605) was thoroughly familiar with the large body...


"Believing Women" in Islam : Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur'an
Does Islam call for the oppression of women? Non-Muslims point to the subjugation of women that occurs in many Muslim countries, especially those that claim to be "Islamic," while many Muslims read the Qur'an in...


Al-Ghazzali on Enjoining Good and Forbidding Wrong
General Description: Al-Ghazzali addresses the necessity of enjoining good and forbidding wrong, the conditions of safeguarding public morality, the fear of the consequences that may occur to oneself from trying to safeguard...


Veil : Modesty, Privacy, and Resistance
Shortlisted for the Katharine Briggs Folklore Award 2000. In the 1970s, often to the consternation of parents and siblings, certain progressive young Arab women voluntarily donned the veil. The movement, which rapidly expanded...


The Spirit and the Letter : Approaches to the Esoteric Interpretation of the Qur'an
This volume is the first to focus specifically on esoteric interpretation as a phenomenon in the field of Qur'anic exegesis and to show the plurality of ways it has been manifested in different Muslim traditions. Concern...


Myth and Reality in the Contemporary Islamist Movement
This classic book explores the intellectual, political and social foundations of Islamism, and current Islamist groups across the Arab and Muslim worlds. Written by Egyptian philosopher and leading Arab intellectual, Fouad...


The Complete Sayings
Sayings and aphorism of Inayat Khan. Flashes of inspiration contemplate daily life and divine consciousness.


Islam and International Relations : Exploring Community and the Limits of Universalism
International Relations tends to rely on concepts that developed on the European continent, obscuring the fact that its history is far less 'international' than one might expect. But in today's global world, who...


The OIC, the UN, and Counter-Terrorism Law-Making : Conflicting or Cooperative Legal Orders?
The increasingly transnational nature of terrorist activities compels the international community to strengthen the legal framework in which counter-terrorism activities should occur at every level, including that of...


Islamic Law in Past and Present
Islamic Law in Past and Present, written by the lawyer and Islamicist Mathias Rohe, is the first comprehensive study for decades on Islamic law, legal theory, reform mechanisms and the application of Islamic law in Islamic...


Visions of Justice: <i>Shariʿa</i> and Cultural Change in Russian Central Asia
This title is available in its entirety in Open Access.In Visions of Justice Paolo Sartori surveys the role of Russian colonialism in affecting the way in which Muslims in Central Asia formulated their convictions about right...


The Shia Revival
One of America's leading commentators on current events in the Middle East, Iranian-born scholar Vali Nasr brilliantly dissects the political and theological antagonisms within Islam in this "smart, clear and...


The Place of Tolerance in Islam
Khaled Abou El Fadl, a prominent critic of Islamic puritanism, leads off this lively debate by arguing that Islam is a deeply tolerant religion. Injunctions to violence against nonbelievers stem from misreadings of the...


Usul al Tafsir : The Sciences and Methodology of the Qur'an
This valuable work on the methodology of exegesis by Dr. Recep Dogan will serve as an important source of future works in the field. With his expertise in the history and exegesis of the Qur'an, as well as his familiarity...


The Fragrance of Faith
The essence of Islam is conveyed to spiritual students in this practical and heartwarming introduction to the religion and its practices. The ancient wisdom of the faith is lovingly passed down to readers from a distinguished...


Universe Rising
Within the traditional doctrine of Islam lies a stupendous vision of creation. The Prophet (s) stands before us a fountain, a point of origin for all creation, a root source of all we know or can imagine. While the theories of...


Symphony of Remembrance
This book presents the spiritual background behind the practice of Divine Remembrance, as it initiates the reader into the teachings of the ancient yet living tradition of mystical Islam - the Sufi Way of the Naqshbandi masters...


The Making of a Salafi Muslim Woman : Paths to Conversion
The spread of Salafism-often referred to as Wahhabism-in the West has intrigued and alarmed observers since the attacks of 9/11. Many see it as a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam that condones the subjugation of women and...


Islamic Finance For Dummies
A detailed look at the fast-growing field of Islamic banking and finance The global Islamic finance market is now worth about $700 billion worldwide. Islamic Finance For Dummies helps experienced investors and new entrants into...


Politics of Modern Muslim Subjectivities : Islam, Youth, and Social Activism in the Middle East
Examining modern Muslim identity constructions, the authors introduce a novel analytical framework to Islamic Studies, drawing on theories of successive modernities, sociology of religion, and poststructuralist approaches to...


The Subtleties of the Ascension
The story of Muhammad's Night Journey and Ascension, in which the Prophet travels from Mecca to Jerusalem to Heaven and back in the course of a single night, has enchanted Muslim audiences for centuries; but for the Sufi...


The Masnavi, Book Two
'You don't seek guidance from those drunken men, So why insist they mend their rags again? God's lovers stand beyond all faiths, as they Are shown by God Himself a higher way.' Book Two of Rumi's Masnavi...


Introduction to the Qur'an
Surveying the life, aims, character and inspiration of Muhammad, this classic introduction explains the history, form and chronology of the Qur'an, and gives the views of Muslim and Occidental scholars.


Spiritual Gems of Islam : Insights & Practices from the Qur'an, Hadith, Rumi & Muslim Teaching Stories to Enlighten the Heart & Mind
Refine your heart and mind with the wisdom of Islamic spirituality"To live a meaningful life--one that brings us joy, contentment and fulfillment--we have to do the inner spiritual work of becoming a more complete human...


The Qur'an with Annotated Interpretation in Modern English : With Annotated Interpretation in Modern English
Focusing on the holy book of Islam, this translation provides both the original Arabic verse as well as extensive explanations and interpretations in modern English. It also offers a commentary on the social and historical...


The New Voices of Islam : Reforming Politics and Modernity - A Reader
Over the last decade, at a time when the forces of 'Islamic fundamentalism' appear to be the dominant face of Islam in the West, a vibrant and equally significant discourse has emerged from a number of prominent Muslim...


The Quran
How do people understand the Quran to be divine revelation? What is it about the text that inspires such devotion and commitment in the reader/believer? Todd Lawson explores how the timeless literary genres of epic and...


Islam : Past, Present and Future
No other religion in the modern world has come under such close scrutiny or been viewed as a source of so much harm to our civilization as Islam. It is routinely portrayed in the media as a promoter of terrorism, supporter of...


The Qur'an
This English translation of the Qur'an is a compilation of the Muslim faith's Final Revelation from God to mankind through the last Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him. The Qur'an has a wealth of information--both...


Catching the Thread : Sufism, Dreamwork & Jungian Psychology
The work of The Golden Sufi Center is to make available the teachings of the Sufi path.


God in the Courtroom : The Transformation of Courtroom Oath and Perjury between Islamic and Franco-Egyptian Law
This volume compares the courtroom oaths of both Islamic and modern Egyptian legal systems, blending elements of legal history, comparative law, theology, philosophy and culture. Until now, academic research has paid little...


Politics of Islamic Law : Local Elites, Colonial Authority, and the Making of the Muslim State
In The Politics of Islamic Law, Iza Hussin compares India, Malaya, and Egypt during the British colonial period in order to trace the making and transformation of the contemporary category of 'Islamic law.' She...


What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam : Second Edition
Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, there has been an overwhelming demand for information about Islam, and recent events - the war in Iraq, terrorist attacks both failed and successful, debates throughout Europe over...


What the Bible Says about Muhummed : Peace Be Upon Him


The Crescent and the Compass : Islam, Freemasonry, Esotericism and Revolution in the Modern Age
A timely survey of radical spirituality and political activism in Islam and the West over the last century and a half, The Crescent And The Compass uncovers numerous previously unknown and unexplored connections between...


Words of Power : Hurufi Teachings Between Shi'ism and Sufism in Medieval Islam
The Jawidan-nama-yi kabir ('Great Book of Eternity') was the magnum opus of Fadl Allah Astarabadi (d. 796/1394) and provided the basis of the Hurufi movement. Today it is one of the most important known texts belonging...


A Treasury of Sacred Maxims : A Commentary on Islamic Legal Principles
This beautiful collection discusses the legal and moral implication of some fundamental Islamic principles. With an emphasis upon literary quality, concision, and concentration of meaning, each aphorism is full of value and...


The Society of the Muslim Brothers
Since its first publication in 1969, this book continues to be routinely cited as the standard source for the history of the revivalist Egyptian movement, the Muslim Brethren, up to the time of Nasser. This classic work is now...


Qur'an and Woman : Rereading the Sacred Text from a Woman's Perspective
Fourteen centuries of Islamic thought have produced a legacy of interpretive readings of the Qu'ran written almost entirely by men. Now, with Qu'ran and Woman, Amina Wadud provides a first interpretive reading by a...


Book of Wisdom
Two early Sufi classics are contained here in one volume. They embody the essence of spiritual life in the Islamic tradition. Ibn 'Ata' Illah (c. 1250-1309) was a Sufi saint and sage who lived in Egypt. Kwaja Abdullah...


Freemasonry: Ancient Egypt and the Islamic Destiny
Mustafa El-Amin, author of bestseller Al-Islam, Christianity, and Freemasonry, now examines what it is about Freemasonry that made most of the founding fathers of America feel the need to embrace it; why is it that so many...


Muslim American Women on Campus : Undergraduate Social Life and Identity
Shabana Mir's powerful ethnographic study of women on Washington, D.C., college campuses reveals that being a young female Muslim in post-9/11 America means experiencing double scrutiny - scrutiny from the Muslim community...


Sharia Versus Freedom
Author Andrew G. Bostom expands upon his two previous groundbreaking compendia, The Legacy of Jihad and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, with this collection of his own recent essays on Sharia - Islamic law. The book...


Introduction to Sufi Doctrine
Titus Burckhardt (1908-1984) was a leading member of the "traditionalist" or "perennialist" school of comparative religious thought, well-known for its espousal of the "transcendent unity of...


Islam in Modern Thailand : Faith, Philanthropy and Politics
This book addresses the complexity of Islam in Thailand, by focusing on Islamic charities and institutions affiliated to the mosque. By extrapolating through Islam and the waqf (Islamic charity) in different regions of Thailand...


Religions and Beliefs: Islam
Following a faith-based approach, Religions and Beliefs provides coverage of six main world religions, with one book per religion. The authors are experienced educators from each faith background.


An Islamic Perspective on Governance
Zafar Iqbal and Mervyn K. Lewis examine, from an Islamic perspective, some central issues in public, economic and corporate governance. Amongst topics analysed are theories of justice, taxation, budget deficits, Islamic...


Early Shi'i Thought : The Teachings of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir
Imam Muhammad al-Baqir was one of the most erudite Muslims of his age, and played a significant role in the history of early Islam. At once a versatile leader and scholar in the eighth-century Muslim world, he was also an...


Islam : Its law and society
Since Islam: Its Law and Society was first published in 1999, there have been a number of events which have brought Islam and its followers into the forefront of discussion in western society. The most notable of these were the...


Understanding Islam and the Muslims : The Muslim Family, Islam and World Peace
Myths and misunderstanding continue to proliferate about Islam and its millions of followers worldwide. Through photographs and a question-and-answer format, this expanded edition of an introduction to Islam offers succinct, and...


An Ocean Without Shore : Ibn Arabi, the Book, and the Law
An Ocean Without Shore is a study of Ibn Arabi, known in Islam as al-Shaykh al-Akbar, the Greatest Spiritual Master. In the introduction, Chodkiewicz provides a good deal of documentation for the often heard claim that Ibn Arabi...


Short Suras from the Quran & Selected Prayers : and Selected Prayers
Intends to meet the practical need of Muslims of various ages who are willing to learn, teach, or read these surahs for themselves in daily use. This title includes shorter chapters, surahs, which can be easily memorized and...


The Accessible Conspectus
For centuries, Abu Shuja al-Asfahani's legal primer Matn al-Ghayat wa-l-Taqrib (The Ultimate Conspectus) has been a standard text for introducing students of the Shafii school of Islamic law to the full range of basic legal...


Islam, Law, and Equality in Indonesia : An Anthropology of Public Reasoning
In Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-majority country, Muslims struggle to reconcile radically different sets of social norms and laws, including those derived from Islam, local social norms, and contemporary ideas...


Islam and the Orientalist World-system
Featuring Immanuel Wallerstein, Joseph Massad, Marnia Lazreg, and other well-known and emerging new authors, this book seeks a more accurate understanding of Islam and Islamic societies' role and relations to global...


Prophet Muhammad
This book is a short story of Prophet Muhammad's life, peace be upon him, for young readers. It begins with the signs of his arrival to this world and summarizes his life full of hardship, servanthood, and struggle. Young...


Fundamentals of Rumi's Thought : A Mevlevi Sufi Perspective
Transcends the usual dichotomy of scholarly and devotional Rumi book by drawing on the wisdom of a magnificent contemporary living sage who drinks from the eternal fountains of compassion that flow through Mevlana's...


Political Islam : A Critical Reader
As the topic of political Islam gains increased visibility in international politics and current affairs, it has become more difficult to navigate the vast literature that is devoted to explaining this phenomenon. This reader...


Way to the Koran
An authoritative and accessible study guide that covers what the Book means to the believers and sets out the essential prerequisites of body, mind, and heart that serve to light up the inner life with the Qur'anic...


Unravelling Sharia : Muslim Constitutionalism and the Reform of Islamic Law
Implementation of the Sharia, as the divine, religious law of Islam, has consistently featured as an integral part of the Muslim constitutionalism. The Muslim world has remained preoccupied with interpreting and enforcement of...


Faith. from the Journal of Umm Zakiyyah
Faith is a collection of excerpts from the journal of Umm Zakiyyah, internationally acclaimed author of If I Should Speak, Muslim Girl, and His Other Wife. She says, "When it comes to faith, I'm still learning. So I...


Legal Maxims in Islamic Criminal Law: Theory and Applications
Using contemporary illustrations, Legal Maxims in Islamic Criminal Law delves into the theoretical and practical studies of al-Qawaid al-Fiqhiyyah in Islamic legal theory. It elucidates the importance of this concept in the...


Id Ul Adha
An ideal introduction to the celebration of festivals for children aged 4-7 in Foundation Stage and KS1 classes. This book describes the story behind the festival and how people prepare for Id Ul Adha. It shows how people around...


Knowledge of Self : A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
Do you know who - and what - you are? Do you know who you're meant to be? Do you know how to find the answers to questions like these? Knowledge of Self is the result of a process of self-discovery, but few of us know where...


Dreams and Visions in Islamic Societies
Dreams and visions have always been important in Islamic societies. Yet, their pervasive impact on Muslim communities and on the lives of individual Muslims remains largely unknown and rather surprising to Westerners. This book...


The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Koran
Taking the same approach as the best-selling "The Complete Idiot's Guide[registered] to the Bible" (now in its 2nd edition - 0028643828), Sheik Sarwar presents a balanced overview of "The Koran" written...


Tawheed Al Mufaddal
Mufaddal ibn Umar was a loyal companion of Imam Jafar Sadiq (asws). One day Mufaddal was sitting in Masjid al Nabwi when an atheist entered and began discussing the non existence of the Creator of the Universe. Mufaddal...


ISIS Exposed : Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam
The terror masters of ISIS are determined to get America's attention. They've humiliated the Iraqi Army we trained and seized territory in Iraq that we had secured at the cost of so many American lives. They've...


Shari'a Law and Modern Muslim Ethics
Many Muslim societies are in the throes of tumultuous political transitions, and common to all has been heightened debate over the place of shari`a law in modern politics and ethical life. Bringing together leading scholars of...


Sufis and Anti-Sufis : The Defence, Rethinking and Rejection of Sufism in the Modern World
Despite its continuing appeal in the Muslim world, Sufism has faced fierce challenges in the last 250 years. This volume assesses the evolution of anti-Sufism since the mid-eighteenth century and Sufi strategies for survival. It...


Perspectives on Morality and Human Well-being : A Contribution to Islamic Economics
This book explores in detail the proposition that (private) morality, especially religious morality, is vital for achieving economic well-being and human happiness; and that this linkage would be even stronger in an Islamic...


Al Qaeda's Global Crisis : The Islamic State, Takfir and the Genocide of Muslims
This book focuses on the crises facing Al Qaeda and how the mass killing of Muslims is challenging its credibility as a leader among Islamist jihadist organizations. The book argues that these crises are directly related to Al...


Religions of the Hindukush : The Pre-Islamic Heritage of Eastern Afghanistan
Detailed study of the pre-Islamic religious and tribal culture of Eastern Afghanistan; an important contribution which is both readable and scholarly.


Islam : The Essentials
The essential introduction to Islam by a leading expertHardly a day goes by without mention of Islam. And yet, for most people, and in much of the world, Islam remains a little-known religion. Whether the issue is violence,...


Muhammad Is Not the Father of Any of Your Men : The Making of the Last Prophet
The Islamic claim to supersede Judaism and Christianity is embodied in the theological assertion that the office of prophecy is hereditary but that the line of descent ends with Muhammad, who is the seal, or last, of the...


An Interpretation of the Qur'an : English Translation of the Meanings
To followers of Islam, the Qur'an is the literal word of God, revealed through Muhammad, the last of the line of prophets, containing all that is necessary to lead a life of righteousness. This new bilingual edition,...