Will Nolan has good friends—or at least he thought he did. Will's best-friend, Darryl, starts to pick on the new kid in school, Eloy Herrera, because of his prejudice toward Mexicans. Will accepts a dare, intended for Eloy, to eat a stink bug. Not his best idea ever since it tastes like skunk and makes him puke. Bright side? Apparently it's cool to be Bug Boy at Triton Middle School. Inspired by Will's close encounter with the stink bug, Will's teacher assigns class presentations on insects. Will makes it his mission to get everyone to eat a bug. Since Eloy once mentioned chapulines, spicy grasshoppers popular in Mexico, Will begs Eloy to have his chef dad make some in exchange for helping him on the wrestling team. The grasshoppers are a big hit-the entire seventh grade cracks up at Will's latest insect adventure. Well, everyone except Darryl, and, Eloy who is annoyed because he thinks Will made fun of his culture. Will sets out to prove to Eloy that not only does he respect Eloy's cultural traditions of eating bugs, but he is, in fact, an entomophagist and eats bugs too!