"Kids in Trance," is an amazing book written specifically for parents with young children and teens. It is the only book of its kind that teaches parents how to safely utilize clinical hypnotherapy and auto-suggestion with their kids/teens for problem solving purposes. Teaching your kids/teens to Meditate and Relax! Parents report success with issues such as: stress management, better grades, self-esteem, nail-biting, bed-wetting, headaches, peer pressure, bullying, weight control, thumb-sucking, sports performance, test-anxiety, teeth grinding, avoiding drugs, nightmares, fears, confidence, habit control, shyness, asthma, potty-training, and many others. This book is based on the original strategies from the Kids In Trance Seminar, made popular by author and motivator, John Eric Jacobsen. "This book is a Must-Read for all parents with children and teenagers. It can help you give them the winning-edge to over-come life's obstacles." Dr. Jean Marie Sawyer, Clinical Child Psychologist