Today's pace of change creates new surviving rules in the financial realm. The world struggles to resist to unforeseen/ abrupt changes that rummage the serene existence. People have to find new ways to succeed and achieve financial freedom. A different world shows her ruthless principles. The equation is simple: the weakest perish, while the strongest wins the game. You can be both; it is just a matter of choice and time chords. And you can choose to be the winner through knowledge, because knowledge empowers. My book is about change. A complete change in your life. It is about changing your financial status. My book provides effective methods to achieve passive income and not only. You just need to find the stream you want to follow. Of course, you cannot succeed without action. It is said that action is the foundational key to success. You will discover your actual position by creating your own Financial Plan Learn how to save money and the benefits of it Building a blog and making money from it Lending Money Online through successful platforms Investing in Social Training using Trading Platforms Investing in Real Estate Investing in CD Ladders Investing in Dividend Stocks. Most people are capable of success in at least one of these types of passive income. The beauty of the passive income is that anyone with a good dedication, right guidance and diligent hard work can establish a reliable source of income. What will you do with that additional stream of income? It may well help finance those dreams that once seemed impossible.