"Michael Cisco is of a different kind and league from almost anyone writing today, and "The Narrator" is Cisco at his startling best." -CHINA MIEVILLE, author of "Perdido Street Station" "An extraordinary story of war and the supernatural that combines the creepiness of "Alien" with the clear-eyed gaze of "Full Metal Jacket." Like "The Other Side" if it included soldiers who could glide over the water, a mysterious tower right out of early David Lynch, and infused with Kafka's sense of the bizarre. Destined to be a classic." -JEFF VANDERMEER, author of the "Southern Reach" trilogy ""The Narrator" is not a subversive fantasy novel. It eliminates all other fantasy novels and starts the genre anew. You must begin your journey here." -NICK MAMATAS, author of "Move Under Ground" and "Love is the Law"

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