Everybody figures it out sooner or later: Even in a Botox world that promises eternal youth, some things—from aches and pains to wrinkles, from menopause to the empty nest—you just have to live with. But despite the challenges, those who are reaching middle age—yesterday's Baby Boomers—might not want to turn back the clock. Instead, as their bodies change and their priorities shift, they're looking to cull wisdom from their experience and find spiritual meaning in their re-examined lives. In Some Things You Just Have to Live With, author Barbara Cawthorne Crafton explores the "spilled milk" of our lives, the physical changes our bodies endure, and the new and energizing purpose we can discover by plunging into the middle of life in a deeper—and sometimes mystifying—relationship with God. A wonderful storyteller, Crafton writes with humor and pathos rather than a heavy hand, allowing readers to see themselves and their own lives in the unfolding pages. Some Things You Just Have to Live With is a source of inspiration—and smiles—to those navigating the turbulent waters of the middle of life.