With the book's Introduction targeting Princess Diana's auto accident, this is like no other Custer book. It tells the story of the Little Big Horn Battle from the wiped out U.S. 7th Cavalry's perspective. It includes: - Military grade drawings of Custer's unknown death stance along with the world's only portrait of the unphoto-graphed Chief Crazy Horse;- Custer's last actions as he realized he was going to die, the truth of his battle wounds, his real cause of death, and how the Indian's really handled his body;- Provides the first Last Stand Hill soldiers location map and reveals the unknown whereabouts of Chief Sitting Bull during the battle; - Exposes General Terry's attitudes toward Custer providring a reintrepretation of the man and his diary; The book is a wealth of new information for Custer scholars, or those who just want a good overview of this pivotal battle in the American west. Heavily documented non-fiction with footnotes and bibliography, Full color with 22 pictures, 15 illustrations, two Western artist Frederick Remington paintings, and 6 maps.