From the author of the highly acclaimed, bestselling "Galdir" series of Roman novels: A captivating novel of Ancient Rome, set during the invasions of Sinope and Armenia. Though he does not know it, Aulus Veridius Scapula possesses an amulet which holds the key to fabulous wealth. But he is kept busy fighting and advancing his career in the Roman Ninth Legion, while guarding the amulet - a family heirloom which has already resulted in his parents being murdered. AMULET - THE CAUCASUS CAMPAIGN tells an epic tale of Roman conquest in 82 BC. The story sweeps from brutal sea and land battles to the power struggles of conniving Centurions and a dangerous dalliance with the lonely Queen of a conquered nation. ***************A THOROUGHLY SATISFYING, ACTION-PACKED STORY OF WAR, REBELLION AND FAMILY BETRAYAL.